Friday, April 2, 2010

Dino Bunny?

Look who's ready for tomorrows Dino Eggstravaganza at the Museum of the Earth -- none other than Cecil himself!!!!

He's already decked out for the occasion. Do you like his bunny ears? (Special thanks to Cecil's good friend Alicia for making him those super special ears!)

Are you ready for tomorrow? Got your basket? Here are some Dino Egg Hunt Tips:

  1. Wear clothes with pockets -- this way you can stuff yourself full with eggs after your basket is full!
  2. No pushing -- there are 100s of eggs hidden throughout the Museum you will find tons. (I promise that you will get a prize no matter what!)
  3. Have Fun! How often do you get to go on a hunt for dinosaur eggs? I'm guessing not often -- so enjoy it. I know I will!
See you tomorrow...

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